Where do the pipe sounds come from?

If your organ is in situ and working – e.g. you’re raising funds for a restoration – we’ll use pipe samples from the existing instrument. We can record the samples for you, at a modest cost, or you might be up for trying this yourselves. If the organ isn’t in great shape, and certain notes are missing or audibly ailing, then samples of the problems might actually be helpful!

If sampling isn’t possible – e.g. the organ’s completely dead, or in bits in a workshop, or only exists on paper – we’ll use representative samples, commercially available or taken from a digital instrument. Yes it’s cheating somewhat, but this can be explained online – and in all reality, to a layman one 8′ diapason is going to sound much the same as any other…

How are the pipe prices set?

Up to you – in general, it’s best if larger and louder pipes are more expensive, smaller high-pitched ones cheaper. You’ll probably want to set your prices to suit the people you’re chasing as sponsors – large sums for the bottom notes of that 16′ pedal trombone for potential business sponsors, while the top end of the fifteenth is available for pocket-money.

You’ll have the ability, via the control panel (see below) to set your own prices, or you can just give us some general rules and boundaries and we can generate them for you.

How do people pay – and is it secure?

Payments are taken online, via a proprietary card payment gateway (Stripe). We recommend Stripe as it is very simple and intuitive to use, and has discounted rates for non-profit organisations. It’s important to note that no payment details will be stored – Stripe takes care of all that – so there are no onorous data security requirements. And all payment processing is fully encrypted and completely secure.

Should you wish to use a different payment gateway, this is possible – as is the ability to offer a range of additional payment methods, such as Direct Debit, cheque or standing order.

Is Gift Aid supported?

Yes – if your organisation is set up for Gift Aid, all the necessary information will be collected online in the correct manner, and made available for your Gift Aid claim.

Do we need to be techie-minded?

No. If needs be we can look after everything for you, including things like hosting. You’ll need of course to have people who are able to administer the system – there’s a control panel for authorised users. The same control panel can be used, if you’re up for it, to maintain the system’s content – set the prices of pipes, or add additional pages with images, text, sound clips, news items.

Or you could just leave all that up to us. The extent of your hands-on involvement is something we’d agree at an early stage.

All sounds great – how much does it cost?

Probably a lot less than you’d think – but it’s the length of a piece of string…. All down to the size of the instrument, how complex you want things to be, and how much you’d want to get involved in the nitty-gritty.

Please do get in touch for an informal no-obligation chat.